New innovative frost protection thermostat

High protection class, latest connection technology as well as frost protection monitoring over a large surface area are the most prominent equipment features of JUMO's new frostTHERM-ATs. To prevent damage caused by frost, it monitors the temperature of the air flow entering the water-air heater in ventilation and air conditioning systems.

The case can be optionally wall or pipe fitted. An additional version is available for DIN rail installation. The "Push-In®" terminal technology proven with JUMO facilitates the electrical connection. The connection wires are simply pushed into the terminal strip and up against the stop.
No tool is required for connecting the wire or braid with ferrule and the wiring is secure. In this manner, the costs and time required for connection is considerably reduced compared to the use of a conventional screw terminal.
The "Push-In®" terminal technology permits direct switching of loads up to 16A at 230V AC. Installation costs are further reduced as no load contactor is required.
The frostTHERM comes in two circuit variants: With the “safety temperature monitor” version the reset is automatic, whereas the “safety temperature limiter” version calls for a manual reset.
Available variants of the JUMO frostTHERM-ATs: sensor tube lengths of 3000 mm, 6000 mm and 12000 mm.
The version with the 12000 mm long sensor tube allows the protection of large ventilation cross sections with only one frost protection thermostat.
The high protection class of the case of up to IP65 permits external use.
The "Push-In®" terminal technology is a patented connection technology of Weidmüller Interface GmbH & Co. KG, Detmold.

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