Additions to the industry portal of the JUMO Group

The web page of the JUMO Group has been expanded. In addition to the product area, the page now also features the industry portal. This is designed to address our customers from different industries selectively. The portal offers many new options to help you find the right information and products especially for your application as quickly as possible.

The following industries are new in the JUMO industry portal:

  • Plastics and packaging technology
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Industrial furnace construction

Food, water and wastewater as well as renewable energies are subdivided into the areas "Applications", "Measurement variables – products", "Downloads" and "Approvals and Directives". Under "Applications" you will find your production processes accurately represented in detail with a sample measurement and control system solution for your process: For example, in the "Food" area for segments Brewing, Meat processing, Malting and Dairies or in the "Water and wastewater" area for applications Drinking water, Swimming pool water, Process water and Wastewater.

The "Measurement variables – products" area leads to JUMO products especially for your industry. The "Downloads" area contains industry-specific brochures, application reports and technical papers available for you to download. Under "Approvals and directives" you can search for products with approvals that are relevant to your industry.

The JUMO industry portal helps you to make your product selection quickly and more selectively. You can see at a glance which products JUMO offers for your processes. If you have questions about the industries, competent contact persons from our industry team are available.

Do you still have questions?

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