JUMO PCA „economic“

Platinum-chip temperature sensor with nickel connection wire according to DIN EN 60751

New on the market: the platinum-chip temperature sensor from JUMO with blank connection wires. The special material properties ensure reproducible sensor contact. The nickel wire can be processed with excellent results using the usual connection techniques and is therefore suitable for numerous applications.

The application areas include heating, air conditioning, ventilation, industrial electronics, vehicle manufacturing, medical technology, and "white goods".

Another useful feature is the covering layer of passivation which is especially dense and resistant to environmental conditions.

Of course all materials are RoHS and REACH compliant. The wide temperature range is especially worth noting. It is designed for continuous operation between -70 °C and +500 °C – even +550 °C is possible for brief periods. Optimized material selection and special manufacturing technologies result in a price advantage that JUMO passes on directly to its customers.

The extended tolerance class F0.6 is a major price incentive. It is every bit the equal to narrower tolerances in terms of long-term stability and resistance to temperature change. The temperature sensor with dimensions 2 mm x 5 mm (width x length) is available with the usual resistance values and tolerance classes.

As a Pt100 it has the designation PCA 1.2005.1 E. Other sizes will follow or are available upon request. The product is delivered in resealable packaging.

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