JUMO Wtrans E01

Universal wireless all-rounder for humidity, temperature, and CO2 content

The future of measuring devices is wireless – wireless communication is a cornerstone for intelligent devices. The digital JUMO Wtrans E01 measures humidity, temperature, as well as CO2 content and is designed for even the most demanding applications in area monitoring. The multipoint CO2 and temperature adjustment creates outstanding CO2 measuring accuracy across the whole temperature range. As a result, the Wtrans E01 is perfect for use in agriculture, industry, warehousing, and in outdoor applications.

Probes for the physical measurands of CO2, humidity, and temperature can be connected to the device, along with a RTD temperature probe with Pt1000 temperature sensors. The Wtrans E01 has a USB interface for convenient configuration of the individual parameters. Voltage is supplied either by the customary AA batteries or by a 24 V power supply unit with SELV voltage. An easy-to-read alphanumerical display alternates between all the measured values. The powerful high-frequency circuit then sends all the data wirelessly to the receiver, which can be up to 300 m away. Relay contacts, analog outputs, and a digital Modbus interface are available to read out up to four Wtrans E01 transmitters for further processing.

Because of the NDIR dual beam method, the CO2 sensor does not require maintenance and is particularly impervious to dirt. The CO2 measurement works on the infrared principle (NDIR). A patented automatic calibration process compensates for the aging effects and guarantees outstanding long-term stability. Using convection, the air to be monitored is guided through the measuring head and a short pipe to the measuring cell in the case. The gas exchange with the measuring cell takes place through a membrane via diffusion. This prevents contamination on the optical measuring length and the associated inconsistencies.

For the CO2 measuring ranges three variants from 0 to 2000/5000/10,000 ppm can be selected. As a CO2 concentration above 1,000 ppm impairs the performance capability, it is important to determine the CO2 concentration in addition to the temperature and relative humidity. This way, countermeasures such as increasing the fresh air supply can be introduced early on.

The measurement interval can be adapted to the requirements of the application. For battery-operated devices, the average current consumption can therefore be reduced to preserve battery power. The humidity measurement is a capacitive humidity measurement. The probe sends data at one-second intervals. A pre-integrated software filter consistently ensures that the data is plausible.

The option to connect all probes to the Wtrans E01 using a M12 connector results in an outstanding level of flexibility and customer-friendly exchange in all application areas. Transmitters in the JUMO Wtrans range can be combined with one another without restrictions as the receivers are compatible with all devices in the series.

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