Groundbreaking ceremony signals the expansion of the subsidiary in Eupen

JUMO Expands in Belgium

Measurement and control technology "made in Fulda" has an outstanding reputation at home and abroad. The recent groundbreaking ceremony to celebrate the expansion of the Belgian subsidiary JUMO Automation PGmbH sowed the seeds for further corporate growth. The volume of investment amounts to around 850,000 euro.

At the location in Eupen, 35 employees manufacture high-quality temperature probes for industrial use. The above-average growth of the last few years has, however, pushed the company's capacity to its limit. Thanks to an expansion, the production area has now doubled to a total of 630 m2, creating space for a new testing laboratory.

Bernhard Juchheim, CEO of the JUMO group of companies is impressed by the development in Eupen, "Our Belgian subsidiary is a highly flexible location with very quick delivery times and is an important pillar of our group." In the challenging food and pharmaceuticals sector in particular, JUMO Automation PGmbH has global experience and an excellent reputation. Even large projects have been successfully concluded in South America or Africa from Eupen.

With the machines and units that have been installed in the new building, the production capacity at the Eupen location will increase by about 30 % to 65,000 temperature probes a year. As a result, Bernhard Juchheim believes that the number of employees in the production department could be doubled in the mid-to-long-term future if an optimum order situation occurs.

The topic of environmental friendliness plays an important role in the expansion of the company. Thanks to the installation of new windows and comprehensive facade insulation, the energy costs will decrease by up to 20 %.

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