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Flow measurement with the JUMO pitot tubes

Excellent Reliability under Difficult Operating Conditions

Flow measurements on the basis of the differential pressure method can be carried out with the JUMO flowTRANS DP P pitot tube in liquids, gases, and steam in closed pipe systems. The different type series P01 to P04 can be used in a wide range of nominal widths, temperatures, and pressures.


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The measuring principle of the pitot tube uses the pressure difference between the dynamic pressure building up upstream of an obstacle blocking the flow and the static pressure immediately at the rear of the probe. Pitot tubes have cost advantages compared to flanged devices – particularly with large nominal widths.

The key element of the JUMO system is the dTRANS p02/p20 DELTA differential pressure transmitter. In the compact design type this differential pressure transmitter is connected to the probe head via a flange plate. In the remote mount design type the differential pressure transmitter is connected to the pitot tube via differential pressure pipes. The pitot tube can be mounted into the pipe – depending on the requirements – either using a welding screw connection or a mounting pipe with flange connection.

The P01 and P02 pitot tubes can be used for the flow measurement of liquids and gases at temperatures up to 1175 °C. Nominal widths up to DN 2000 are available as standard, while other nominal widths can be provided upon request. The P03 and P04 pitot tubes are mainly intended for use in saturated steam and superheated steam. Temperatures up to 450 °C and pressures up to 100 bar do not pose a problem. Nominal widths up to DN 100 are available.

The flow-optimized probe profile ensures low pressure losses and high reliability with all designs. Another advantage is the short inlet and outlet sections.

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