The simple path to automation

More efficiency, less effort

As a provider of intelligent and precise complete solutions, we open up completely new horizons for machine builders. Finally, you have a single competent contact who can support you in all matters of sensor and automation technology: Starting from the field level to the control level to the evaluation level. This way, you get the optimal solution for you and score points over the competition.

From the base to the top

Safely through the automation pyramid

As the foundation of industrial processes, the automation pyramid maps the entire production cycle, i.e. the individual levels mesh like cogs. This makes it all the more important that the processes at each level run smoothly. Our total solutions are team players that are perfectly coordinated from the field level to data evaluation, minimizing downtime and increasing machine throughput.

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Industrial automation pyramid

With JUMO through the automation pyramid

Sven Trompetter

Sven Trompetter: PGT Thermoprozesstechnik GmbH

★ Lecture highlight

Metal substitution by digital polymer sensor technology as a precursor to sensor integration

Polymer sensors offer numerous advantages due to chemical resistance, design freedom, vibration resistance and light weight. Learn more about this in our exciting technical lecture "Metal substitution by digital polymer sensing as a precursor to sensor integration".

  • Wed: 08.11.2023, 12:30 to 13:00
  • Place: Forum Hall 20
  • Speaker: Sven Trompetter

Fit for the future with digital sensors

Single Pair Ethernet und IO-Link

JUMO sensors with IO-Link and SPE enable the transmission of real-time data and are significantly more flexible and scalable in terms of new integration than purely analog sensors. They increase the availability and overall efficiency of your plants and mark an important step for the future of industrial automation. We would be happy to accompany you with our expertise on the way to digital processes!

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Digital sensor communication with JUMO

Digital sensor communication with JUMO

Innovations for our complete solutions in sensor and automation technology

JUMO meroTRON JUMO meroTRON Modular one-channel/two-channel controllers with PLC function
  • Wide range of connection possibilities
  • PLC functionality
  • Sequence controls in real time
NAMUR circuitry

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