Innovative temperature measurement technology in a unique plastic design

The JUMO plastoSENS technology is an innovative and patented global novelty through which measuring technology is produced by injection molding. This technology opens completely new ways in the design of temperature probes which will revolutionize temperature measurement technology in application-oriented fields.

The patented global innovation

Unlimited possibilities for the industry of the future

At first glance, JUMO plastoSENS T products may look like conventional temperature probes. But upon a closer look they reveal themselves to be an innovation in temperature probe production. The metal that has been previously used for temperature probes is replaced by a new type of thermoplastics. This development opens up an almost infinite amount of possibilities for the most diverse installation situations. Here, the applied thermoplastics can be combined individually. One advantage is that heat-conducting and non-heat-conducting plastics can be combined so that response times are improved and the heat conduction error is lowered. The addition of different additives such as fiberglass or UV protection improves the stability of the temperature probe. These individual and customer-specific compositions offer the best conditions for reliable application in a wide range of industries and a long operating life of the measurement technology.

Top Features
img alt text Individual composition of the thermoplastics.
The perfect mixture for your process!
img alt text 2 Geometric freedom of form.
JUMO plastoSENS T fits into every system!
img alt text 3 Freely selectable sensor type.
Exactly what you need!

Customized development process

The complete freedom of design and the specific composition of the thermoplastics are what make JUMO plastoSENS T products customer-specific developments rather than standard sensors. This individual character is why the development process is precisely coordinated with the user requirements. The process starts with a feasibility study and a design proposal by the JUMO Plastic Engineering team. After a positive result and after the design has been approved the new temperature probe type is constructed and the application simulated with software. First samples are manufactured using 3D printing to conduct assembly tests and to evaluate the geometry. If these tests show positive results, the tools for the injection molding machine are subsequently manufactured and the first functioning prototypes are produced. Afterwards the start of the series production can take place.


The individually coordinated ordering process

Example of cost and time savings through the simulation software

Example of cost and time savings through the simulation software

Simulation software saves time and money

JUMO plastoSENS T technology uses special software that simulates the thermal properties of the newly-constructed product. The software helps to implement design ideas quickly and without extensive follow-up work. This way, specific installation situations and complex requirements can be taken into account. Prior to starting, the software can simulate the response behavior and the thermal conductivity of the planned temperature probe while taking into account the assembly situation. If target/actual variances take place a change in the geometry can be made directly on the PC. Consequently, expensive follow-up work on the injection molding tool is avoided.

JUMO plastoSENS T04

JUMO plastoSENS T04

The new surface-optimised plastic temperature probe

JUMO plastoSENS T04

In pipelines it is not always possible to measure the temperature inline. Particularly in pipelines with a small diameter, it is therefore advisable to determine the temperature with a pipe contact sensor in order to avoid flow changes. JUMO plastoSENS T temperature sensors also offer a technical solution for this application. Compared to conventional pipe-mounted sensors, the plastic temperature sensor, which is optimised for installation, is 100 % adapted to the pipe diameter. The supplied accessories in the form of an insulating cap and a clip enable the temperature sensor to be attached to a pipe without tools, which results in a time saving of 70 % compared to mounting with a conventional hose clamp. In addition, the insulating cap, which is made of a poorly heat conductive plastic, offers protection against heat and cold influences, which have a negative effect on the measurement result.

TOP SECRET: revolution in temperature measurement technology

JUMO's innovation center is the best guarded place in Fulda. Only authorized individuals have access to the patented JUMO plastoSENS T plastic technology. We have overcome the impossible barrier for you.

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