The JUMO LOGOSCREEN nt paperless recorder with stainless steel front and touch panel now has ATEX approval and is tested to KTA 3505

The fact that this stainless steel version also meets the hygiene requirements of the food and pharmaceutical industries and at the same time has shown itself to have a high safety tolerance against aggressive cleaning agents, merely underlines the exceptional position this instrument currently occupies on the market.

In addition to this, the touch panel version of the instrument allows “operation and observation” of process data in an environment subject to explosion hazards, such as may be encountered in EX gas and dust atmospheres, now that EX approvals have been granted for Zone1 and Zone21 (II 2G Ex px IIC, II 2D Ex pD 21 IP65).
The robustness of the rotary knob instrument version is further underlined by the fact that it passed vibration resistance testing, carried out by an accredited external test laboratory, in accordance with the directives of the KTA, the Nuclear Safety Standards Commission (KTA 3505). Tests were performed at frequencies between 5 to 10 Hz and at a maximum acceleration of 5 g. Resistance to the effect of seismic occurrences and in the event of a plane crash, were tested.
Finally, it was possible to identify that the new functional and equipment features of the LOGOSCREEN nt will cover numerous different fields of application and industrial systems in the various industries where safe and reliable process data recording is required.

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