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JUMO Supplier Portal

Welcome to the JUMO purchasing portal. As an international company our thoughts and actions revolve around the competitiveness of our products and the requirements of our customers. You are interested in supporting the development of JUMO and a long-term partnership with with synergy effects? We look forward to your application!

The cooperation with JUMO

As an international company and market leader in industrial sensors and automation we are always searching for strong partners who offer value added solutions for our company.

JUMO has subsidiaries on all continents. The steady growth and globalization of JUMO has allowed us to successfully establish ourselves on the world market.

The purchase volume is on an attractive level and rises steadily. As a result of our focus on the industrial sector, our products distinguish themselves by their very long running time.

Consequently we offer suppliers a long term, cooperative partnership with growth perspectives such as supplier development and a strong integration in our product developments.

On our supplier portal you get a detailed overview of the required product groups.

Information for suppliers

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COO Dr Steffen Hoßfeld is also responsible for strategy of purchasing.

Our requirements

Our clients expect us to uphold the highest quality standards. They also expect a high level of flexibility for the entire product life cycle. To meet these requirements and to emphasize our market position we, in turn, place the highest demands on the supply chain.

We expect innovation, quality, and reliability so that we can strengthen our competiveness and to add further development to JUMO together with you.Recognition of the zero-defect principle.

Furthermore we have the following requirements:

  • Very high competiveness regarding price, quality, and delivery performance.
  • Willing to implement cost optimization. Agreement of bonus regulations when reaching sales targets that we define together.
  • Protecting the supply chain through individual logistic concepts.
  • EDP based data exchange whose interface will be specified by JUMO.
  • Computer-based data exchange for which JUMO specifies the interface.
  • Professional support and innovative products.
  • Strict compliance to the environmental regulations, such as REACh and RoHS.
  • Compliance with the state of the art in technology for energy consumption and energy efficiency as well as environmental management.

Our requirements overview

The JUMO supplier portal provides an overview of the required product categories. We are always searching for innovative solutions for our products.

A characteristic of JUMO-products is reliability over a long time.

Obsolescence management

Generally, the product availability of semiconductors is significantly shorter than the product life cycle of the electronic module. The result is that some electronic components that maintain a product or system are no longer available.

Manufacturers of electric systems have to rise to these challenges. One step in solving these challenges is a strategic obsolescence management. This type of risk management can help meet these demands. We distinguish between strategic, proactive, and reactive obsolescence management.

Our obsolescence management covers continuous monitoring of the modules for changes and discontinuations. In addition we are in a position to forecast the long-term availability before the design-in of a component.

Risk management

The reliability of the supply chain is the focus of strategic purchasing. For this reason JUMO implemented a proactive and reactive risk management system. The system is designed to reduce the occurrence probability of risks in the long term.

Reactive strategies keep the effects as low as possible. In connection with scientific developments, concepts were devised that, among other things, analyze the complete backward supply chain of our manufacturers. We work closely with these strategic partners. The qualification occurs precisely according to our requirements.

Contact JUMO as a supplier.

The supplier qualification

The qualification procedure is implemented in a application system. Kindly note that the admission to our pool of suppliers can only be administered through our platform.

Please be assured that your data will be handled confidentially and processed quickly.