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Modular multichannel measuring device now with PROFINET and DNV GL-approval

JUMO AQUIS touch P Continues to Grow

JUMO AQUIS touch P is a modularly-constructed, compact multichannel measuring device for liquid analysis. The latest version of the device features a PROFINET interface. In addition, the device now has the relevant DNV GL-approval for the shipbuilding industry.


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PROFINET is an open industrial Ethernet standard for automation which is continually gaining importance in process automation. PROFINET uses TCP/IP and IT standards, is real-time Ethernet capable, and enables the integration of fieldbus systems. With the DNV GL-approval the multichannel measuring device fulfills the requirements for safety and reliability that ships and mobile offshore units have to observe in international waters.

JUMO AQUIS touch P covers the measuring, controlling, recording, and displaying tasks with one single device. Two analysis parameters can be directly connected and an additional five can be connected as standard signals. The JUMO digiLine system can even process six parameters. Digital interfaces enable additional eight external measured values to be loaded. Flow measurement, including quantity determination, is also possible. The parameters are displayed on a 3.5 inch color monitor with touchscreen on which the operation and settings of the device are handled.

The integrated paperless recorder allows up to eight analog and six binary signals to be recorded simultaneously. The storage of the data occurs in a tamper-proof fashion and enables official record-keeping requirements to be met without additional devices. Stored data can be extracted through a PC program via Ethernet or a USB flash drive. The data can then be further processed with a separate software.

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